Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice

From November 15-17, Abigail Gonzalez was in Washington D.C. with some classmates to represent Bishop O'Dowd at the Ignatian Family Teach-in.  The themes of this years convention were immigration and climate change.  They heard many keynote speakers and on the final day, they marched up to Capitol Hill to speak with representatives.  Abigail Gonzalez gave a speak about the need for action and what she has done to contribute.

Founding O'Dowd Climate Coalition

This year, Abigail Gonzalez on behalf of Attacking Asthma and her two classmates Dylan Lanza Desio and Ciara Murphy, founded the O'Dowd Climate Coalition at their school.  Its goal is to raise awareness about the pressing issue of climate change while also creating change in the local community.  They want to make their campus more sustainable and help forge a path for future generations to follow.

San Francisco Climate March

On September 20, 2019, thousands of high school students from all over the Bay Area gathered to march and demand climate justice.  As the generation that will have to suffer the consequences of decades of human caused pollution, we were motivated to take action and call for change.  Climate change is a real issue that must be acknowledged and we must take steps towards creating a more sustainable future.

Breathe California of the Bay Area; Camp Superstuff

During the week of July 22, 2019, Attacking Asthma volunteered at Camp Superstuff, a camp for kids with asthma run by Breathe California of the Bay Area.  The purpose of the camp was to teach kids about their diagnosis while also letting them participate in normal camp activities that they might otherwise not have been able to participate in.  There were lots of fun activites and a lot of learning throughout the week.  Overall, it was a success!

American Lung Association Fight For Air Climb

On Saturday June 1, Attacking Asthma attended the SF Fight for Air Climb hosted by the American Lung Association.  Abigail volunteered with the ALA and helped prepare for this crucial event.  Over 8,000 people attended and raised thousands of dollars.  Attacking Asthma as a whole raised $1,000 dollars for the event!  On the day of the event, some members of Attacking Asthma dedicated their time volunteering while others raced to the top of a sky scraper.  They walked up 2,000 stairs and made it to the top of the 52nd floor.

Breathe California of the Bay Area "Los Altos Earth Day Celebration"

On April 15th 2019, Abigail Gonzalez represented Attacking Asthma at the Los Altos Earth Day Celebration.  She worked with Breathe California of the Bay Area and provided locals with information on how to quit smoking, have better air quality, and live a greener life!  The event lasted from 1-4pm and had many different environmental groups advocate for our common cause of a cleaner Earth.

Breathe California of the Bay Area "Tet Festival"

On February 9th 2019, Abigail Gonzalez attended the Tet Festival in San Jose and advocated for an anti-tobacco campaign led by Breathe California.  She stood at the booth and informed people about the risks of smoking and the effects of smoking on those around you.  There was a lot of food and many other health organizations at the festival.

American Lung Association "Lung Force Walk SF"

On October 27th 2018, the Attacking Asthma network attended the Lung Force Walk held by the American Lung Association.  The walk occurred at Lake Merced in San Francisco, California.  It was a fun-filled and educational event; it even was 80's themed! Everyone came together to support lung health and to fight lung cancer.  Attacking Asthma raised over $700 through fundraising before the event.