About Us

Attacking Asthma was founded in 2018 by Abigail Gonzalez. We strive to reduce asthma-related issues by:

  • Raising funds and donating to asthma oriented charities in an attempt to reduce asthma
  • Organizing youth to donate their time to our cause
  • Educating peers, parents, and asthma patients about asthma and how to avoid asthma attacks

Abigail's Story

Abigail Gonzalez was born in Oakland, California in 2003. Early in her life she realized that she had trouble breathing whenever she exerted energy in the form of exercise. She fell in love with soccer, but struggled to breathe and often had to sit out of the games. At age 6 she learned that she had asthma and was prescribed an inhaler to help her breathe. With the help of her doctor, she learned how to deal with asthma attacks and being unable to breathe. Now, Abigail is 15 and playing club soccer along with varsity soccer at her high school. She is passionate about helping other children like her deal with their asthma and learn to participate in activities that they were not able to before. She also advocates for better air quality which is the root of many asthma cases in the Bay Area.